Guarantees & Customer Care

All products should be inspected before installation.

  1. Sizes all sizes quoted in this brochure are nominal. Actual ceramic sizes may vary by + or – 2% against the figures quoted in our technical data. When planning installations where dimensions are critical it is essential that the space allowed for individual items is physically checked with the products to be installed.
  2. Wood Finishes – All natural wood finishes mature with age and Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch or from panel to panel. It is therefore not always possible to achieve a precise colour match when additional items are added at a later date.
  3. Vitreous China These are extremely hard, non-porous products; but are also brittle and therefore must not be put under stress during installation. Basin waste fittings when over tightened can create stress within the ceramic material which may in time cause the failure of the product. Waste fittings should be carefully bedded in silicon and the back nut hand tightened. One additional quarter turn using a suitable spanner is sufficient to create the required watertight seal. Care should also be taken when fitting brassware in order to prevent similar stress related failures.
  4. Cistern Flushing All Imperial Bathrooms WC pans and cisterns flush at 6 litres in compliance with European EN Standards
  5. Acrylic Baths – Acrylic bath sizes are nominal the final size often depending on the degree of detail incorporated in the design. All baths should be carefully inspected before installation.
  6. Gold & Nickel plating all items supplied in Antique Gold or Nickel finish have been plated in the UK and the plating complies with British and European Standards relating to the products concerned. These special order items can not be returned to Imperial
  7. Furniture – Imperial Bathrooms furniture is produced from a combination of solid wood and wood veneer panels, and all sizes quoted are nominal and must be checked against actual product. The timber used is supplied from renewable sources and whilst every care is taken in the manufacture of wooden products inevitably there will always be variation in both colour and grain pattern between individual pieces – indeed this is part of the beauty and unique appeal of using a natural material. Where frosted glass is a feature, only toughened safety glass is used.
  8. Cast Iron Baths – During manufacture a thick coat of powder enamel is fused onto the internal surface of the red hot cast iron. This long established process can however produce ripples, small dimples and specks on the surface which are indeed part of the character and appeal of this type of product and it is normal and to be expected- the performance of the bath is however not affected.
  9. Bar Pressures- The recommended operating pressure for taps, mixers and shower valves is from 0.3 Bar to 5 Bar. If the pressure is higher, a pressure reducing valve should be incorporated within the system.
  10. Tiles your tiles have been manufactured to simulate the look, (size, shape, colour, thickness, tone of glaze) of a hand made tile and, as such, are all different in appearance from each other. In order to obtain the best blend, we recommend taking tiles from a number of boxes on application. To obtain the best appearance, we recommend a 3mm grout line. Use only waterproof adhesives and grouts. For Further Technical Data and for further installation instructions on the Tiles please contact the sales office on +44 1922 743074

Looking after your Bathroom

Sanitaryware -The glazed finish of your Sanitaryware should be cleaned after use by applying a little cream-type cleaner. Apply using a sponge or damp cloth and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cleaners containing abrasive materials should be avoided.

Antique Gold , Chrome or Nickel plated brassware and taps should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth. Under no circumstances should bleach or abrasive cleaning products, polishes, or detergent be used on plated surfaces and in particular should these materials be used on Nickel or Gold plated items it is possible that the surface will be damaged.

Acrylic baths should be cleaned using similar non abrasive cleaners. Bathroom vanity furniture, Seats and Bath Panels can be wiped over with a damp cloth and dried with a soft duster. The use of polishes containing silicon or any abrasive materials can damage the wood finish. Natural wax polishes should be used sparingly and applied using a soft dry cloth.

Stone / Marble – To assist you in use, each piece of stone/marble has already been pre-sealed but will require regular maintenance with appropriate care and sealant products. We have used a special impregnation which optimally protects absorbent, stain-sensitive natural stone surfaces. It largely prevents the penetration of oil, greases, and water and makes further maintenance easier. Using the right ongoing care products will facilitate the cleaning process and will Maintain a fresher appearance of your stone surfaces. We recommend that you re-treat your purchase on a quarterly or six-monthly basis dependent upon use.

Tiles should be cleaned by washing with warm water to which a neutral, clear, low sulphate detergent has been added. After cleaning, rinse well with clean water and polish with a clean soft dry cloth.

Manufacturing Policy

  1. The policy of the Imperial Bathroom Company is one of continuous improvement. We therefore reserve the right to alter or amend specifications/dimensions and prices without notice and to withdraw specific items/Colours without notice.
  2. Colour reproduction in this brochure is as accurate as the variables in photographic and printing process will allow and specific colours may vary from actual products.
  3. Great care is taken to ensure that products supplied by The Imperial Bathroom Company are supplied to you in perfect condition. Your purchases should, however, be checked for manufacturing defect (or damage) before any installation work is carried out. We are unable to accept responsibility for any defect which was evident before or has occurred as a result of installation.

Guarantees (Export)

  1. Vitreous china manufactured by the Imperial Bathroom Company carries a one Year guarantee against failure caused by manufacturing defect.
  2. Imperial taps, mixers, Accessories, Shower Valves are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for One Year, this excludes plated surfaces and replaceable Parts which are subject to normal use i.e. washers.
  3. Imperial Bathrooms vanity furniture is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of One Year from installation.
  4. All Imperial Bathrooms baths carry a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  5. All components incorporated in Hydro Jet Whirlpool Systems are guaranteed for One Year.
  6. All stone and marble products carry a One Year guarantee against manufacturing defects and does not guarantee against taining / discolouration.
  7. Tiles carry a One Year guarantee against manufacturing defects and does not guarantee against staining/discolouration.

Making a Claim under the Imperial Warrantee

  1. To make a claim under the guarantee the following conditions must be met:
  2. Proof of purchase should be supplied at the time of the claim.
  3. Product should have been fitted in accordance with our fixing instructions, EN Standards and general good plumbing practice.
  4. We need to ensure that the product has been maintained and cared for in accordance with our Care Instructions. We cannot accept responsibility for the failure of a product if it has been modified, misused, neglected or willfully or accidentally damaged. It should have been used for its sole design purpose
  5. We must be given reasonable opportunity to inspect the product in the installed situation. If removed the product should be retained for inspection.
  6. Our policy is one of continuous improvement. If the product has failed under the terms of the guarantee and a replacement is offered, but identical goods are no longer available, we will replace with the nearest equivalent.
  7. This guarantee applies only to the single product in question and not to the whole bathroom suite.
  8. We will not bear costs for repairs or replacements where the product fault is due to the following: Accidental or malicious damage, Improper use, Negligence, General wear and tear , Damage due to poor installation or, servicing or consequential loss, Where modifications have been made to the product , Where the product has not been used for its sole purpose, Inappropriate use.
  9. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  10. To the extent permitted by applicable law, other than the express warranty set forth in theses terms and conditions, we (or any other third-party supplier) make no additional warranties, expressed or implied, and disclaim all implied warranties, whether in fact or by operation of law, statutory or otherwise, including warranties or conditions of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. Any warranties that may not be disclaimed under applicable law are limited in duration to the warranty period. No warranties, expressed or implied, will apply after this period. In no way will we (or any third party supplier) be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, losses costs of expenses, however arising, whether in contract or tort, including without restriction, any economic losses of any kind, any loss or damage to property, any labour costs of refitting the product, any personal injury, any damage or injury arising from or as a result of misuse or abuse, or the incorrect installation, integration or operation of the product. We neither assume nor authorize any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with repair or replacement of the product. and limited to the value of replacement goods only and not any consequential charges (such as plumbing Costs).
  11. Warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser / retailer.

For technical drawings & sizes, please refer to out technical website: