‘Noir Luxe’ with Imperial Bathrooms new Black Sapphire Collection

March 24, 2021

Specialists in the design and manufacture of classic and contemporary British-made bathroom solutions, Imperial Bathrooms, galvanise the growing desire for Noir Luxe bathroom interiors with the launch of its brand new Black Sapphire Collection.

Featured in the company’s 2020/21 Brochure, the newly curated Black Sapphire Collection is a luxurious, all-black bathroom series of the finest, most elegant UK manufactured sanitaryware designs, which have been hand selected for your bathroom. Finished in the best quality, colour-rich black glaze, this new collection is beautifully timeless and achieves the right level of grandeur long associated with black-glamour interiors.

The new Black Sapphire Collection extends to four time-honoured product ranges by Imperial Bathrooms:

● ETOILE BLACK SAPPHIRE: Opulent and unashamedly glamorous, Etoile is able to take on a more compelling identity in black sapphire, as the dark colour emphasises its round contours, exquisite detailing and stately profiles. Made in Britain, expert artisans craft and fire each individual piece up-to six times, meticulously smoothing the surface at every stage to ensure a gleaming, flawless finish unique to Imperial Bathrooms.

● ASTORIA DECO BLACK SAPPHIRE: Style moderne continues to bask in black and white, which is why a high-shine, glossy black finish gives the Astoria Deco range a new take on traditional design. Allowing for a heightened level of design and definition, every line, shape and trim within Astoria Deco is designed with intent and the deep gloss of Black Sapphire’s only adds to its nouveau style and finesse.

● DRIFT BLACK SAPPHIRE: Distinguished, self-assured and daring, Black Sapphire provides a solid foundation for the highly decorative Drift range. Every intricate detail is able to create even more impact when set against a Noir Luxe backdrop and when designed in combination with white walls and matching black accessories, you will create a bathroom that is fresh, clean and unquestionably sophisticated.

● RADCLIFFE BLACK SAPPHIRE: Radcliffe in new black colourway is your opportunity to add flair to the bathroom with a unique mix of traditional British design with rococo-styling. Known for being majestic and grandiose, Radcliffe Black Sapphire is now defined by its deep, glassy finish and inspired range of exclusive Imperial brassware, lighting and mirrors to carry through the powerful theme.

James Stevenson, Creative Director, Imperial Bathrooms says, “Deluxe bathrooms remain a desirable notion for many homeowners and our new Black Sapphire Collection makes it possible to achieve a top-of-the-line bathroom interior, which is premium by design and rich in quality. By introducing this newly defined product collection, we’re able to complement and enhance our range of ceramic ware alongside the best in black accessories, light fixtures, trims, paint schemes and bold furniture designs so popular today.”

Graham Bucktrout, Managing Director, Imperial Bathrooms says, “Market trends continue to appreciate highly-stylised bathroom interiors and this has led to darker colour palettes being used to create a bold statement in the home. The future of home interiors is ‘quality and design’ with a clear desire for higher value products, iconic British designs and a strong choice of colours: and the bathroom is no exception.”



Radcliffe large pedestal basin | Radcliffe Troon basin stand, chrome legs | Drift Hardwick basin stand | Drift large pedestal basin