Lighting trends: Creating a flawless design with Imperial Bathrooms

October 30, 2020

Imperial Bathrooms, specialist in the design and manufacture of classic and contemporary British-made bathroom solutions understand there is more to creating the ultimate bathroom space, as capturing that elusive blend of tranquillity and quality design also demands a well-considered lighting scheme.

James Stevenson, Creative Director at Imperial Bathrooms says, “Bathroom lighting is an essential component so you need to make sure it is considered during the early stages of design and planning. Now more than ever, the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home as it is used not only for essential everyday tasks, but also as an area of relaxation and solitude.”

“Able to influence mood and create areas of light and dark, make sure you consider the practical nature of your lighting scheme and the purpose it will serve: like shaving and applying make-up or enjoying a long soak in the bath. As more and more customers ask for advice about layering different types of lighting, we are keen to demonstrate a refreshing level of design options for the bathroom through our range of practical and ambient lighting solutions” says James.

A common mistake is to overcomplicate your lighting scheme, which is why Imperial Bathrooms recommend that the most effective and elegant solution for a well-lit bathroom is to keep it simple. If you supplement ceiling spotlights with a pair of classic-style wall lights they will not only complement the aesthetic of your bathroom furniture, but also work as practical task lighting for essential personal grooming and beautification. Furthermore, a strategically placed wall light will create atmosphere and disperse a welcome glow across the walls to reflect light back into the room. The secret to the perfect bathroom lighting scheme is to carefully balance your practical requirements alongside the right level of accent lighting, as this will not only influence your mood but create areas of high function.

If you’re inspired by the latest interior design trends, why not consider one of the following style-ideas for your next bathroom lighting project?

The Lighting Collection by Imperial Bathrooms features six different sections: Classic, Oxford, Astoria, Pendant, Contemporary and Brokton. Spanning a broad selection of distinctive wall lights in single and double variants, you can choose between several different finishes, styles and a host of unique shade options including glass and fabric like silk, cotton, linen and faux leather.