About Imperial

We are a British company with very British values. Situated in Aldridge, a historic town in the heart of England famed for its rich history of clay and brick production, we thrive to keep local craftsmanship alive.

Our collections are for those who truly recognise British-made quality and individuality when they see it. The kind of hand-crafted perfection that no mere machine alone can truly replicate. Our team of time-served craftsmen utilise skills passed down by generations to make beautiful bathroom products from wood, clay and other natural materials. For added piece of mind, all of our ceramic ware carries a lifetime quality guarantee, so you can enjoy your new Imperial bathroom suite safe in the knowledge that it will last for many years to come.


Each individual piece of Imperial ceramic ware is unique to the expert potter who crafted it.

Wooden Furniture

Grown slowly over the years, every piece hand crafted in solid wood has its own story to tell.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

You only need to take a close look at the finish of any piece of Imperial ceramic ware, and you will discover a flawlessly smooth surface beneath layer upon layer of Imperial’s brilliant glaze. This level of quality extends across our entire range, from hand-crafted bathroom furniture that’s made the traditional way with jointed solid wood and genuine wood veneers, to the reassuring strength and weight of our brassware, which is manufactured from cast brass to last a lifetime, or more.

From sustainable timbers comes beauty that lasts a lifetime

Since ancient times human beings have enjoyed an emotional bond with trees. And even today, that love affair continues with our admiration for solid wood. No other material on earth matches its warmth and the rich variety of its grains and colours. Our designers draw their inspiration from responsibly managed forests around the world, while our woodworkers bring those ideas to glowing life with a quintessentially British attention to detail.